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Voice Volume Scales Sets | 4 Sets, 12 Scales



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About This Product

Using the appropriate Voice Volume for the given situation is an important life skill. These scales can help you to teach and support your students what the different voice levels are and how and why to adapt your voice level. The scales will help your students in gaining a greater understanding of their use of volume while engaging with others. Four sets/styles of scales are included. Each set has a range of scales to offer a different level of support. Scales can be used for a single-use or laminated to re-use for years to come.

What's Included

Included Please Find 19 Pages:

>Detailed Instructions

> Set 1: Basic Scales, 3 Scales

> Set 2: Fancy Scales, 3 Scales

> Set 3: Silly Scales, 3 Scales

> Set 4: Silhouette Scales, 3 Scales

Resource Tags

Voice Volume ScalesSocial SkillsSocial PragmaticsPerspective TakingSpeech and Language

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