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Listening To Others | Animated PowerPoint Social Skills Activity

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About This Product

Do you have students who have a lot to say but really struggle when it comes to Listening To Others? Listening to others speak to you is a very important social skill that requires perspective-taking, flexible thinking, empathy, patience, turn-taking, and more! This fun animated PowerPoint presentation will help you to teach and support your students to improve their communication skills when engaging in conversations with others.

Students love clicking to reveal the answers on each slide!

What's Included

Included Please Find a 35 Slide Animated/Interactive PowerPoint:

> Detailed Instructions

> 20 Question and Answer Slides About Listening To Others

> 10 Bonus Slides: Multiple Choice Style

Resource Tags

Conversation SkillsListening To OthersSocial SkillsSocial PragmaticsPerspective Taking