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Weather Research Report

Weather Research Report
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

This lesson plan was developed for students of various grades and writing abilities. You know your students best, so remove any pages that do not make sense for your students.

Included are the following that you may find helpful as a supplement or optional pieces:

• An additional information page to be used to supplement any other parts of the report

• Blank page that can be copied to expand the report if needed

• Two different formats for note-taking pages, depending on how you want them to take notes or if you want to give them a choice.

• Rubric for the written report

• Editing/Revising Checklist to have students check their work themselves

• Common Core Writing Standard

Bibliography vs. Resource Page

• We have included two ways to have your students cite their sources. You can use either or both. 

• The Resource Page is a way for young students to learn about resources and the need to have to cite them and give credit to the originators of the information. We have provided an example page and a blank page.

• Some elementary students are not ready for a full-blown Bibliography and others are (differentiation). We left this template blank, so you can teach which Bibliography format that you wish to teach or omit it if your students are not yet ready for a bibliography.

Essential Questions

• One element of the common core standards is the move toward questioning and embedding higher-level thinking questions into the assignments. After the students have learned about the various aspects of weather, they are tasked with answering some questions that involve higher-level thinking skills.

What's Included

• 40-page PDF ready-to-print with worksheets, teacher ideas, and grading rubric

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