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Developing emotional awareness is a pivotal skill for mental and social wellbeing. This useful printable facilitates daily check-ins for kids to document feelings in a simple, visual way. Using color-coded emoji faces, students draw and color the face that represents their predominant emotions each day for the morning, afternoon and evening.

The tracker includes 5 options of emotions to choose from; yellow face for happy, green face for calm, orange face for worried, blue face for sad and red face for angry. Each day children draw the appropriate color face for how they were feeling during in each section of the day.

Not only does the act of checking in cultivate self-awareness, but the tracker sheets become personalized records of emotional patterns, triggers, and growth over time. Teachers, counselors and parents may use it to spot difficult days needing extra support.

The simple format makes reflecting on feelings an approachable, consistent ritual for children and teens. Instead of bottling up big emotions, chidren have an outlet and vocabulary for inner experiences. Plus, noting trends helps anticipate and mitigate future triggers proactively.

Simple yet powerful, this weekly emotions tracker worksheet promotes emotional intelligence. By dedicating time for feeling identification, students gain essential skills for self-care and relationship building.

Included in this resource is 1 page of PDF

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