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Wh- Questions Past Tense Pre Intermediate Lesson Plan

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Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

This is a pre intermediate ESL ELA ELL lesson plan worksheet set for Wh- Questions - Past Tense.

Students will learn more about these and then complete the exercises to follow, which will assess their comprehension and implement grammar skills. They will learn how to use the following wh-questions in the past;

When did an action occur to discover a time or date.

Where did something happen to indicate location.

Who did something to find out which person did it.

Why to indicate the reasons for an action happening.

How many to quantify numbers.

What happened to give an explanation of the events that occurred.

With whom to ask who a person was with when an event took place.

This lesson plan includes:

  • Cover page

  • Flash cards

  • A warm-up activity

  • Main use

  • Construction details

  • Rules, along with any exceptions

  • Illustrative examples

  • Two closed exercises

  • One open exercise

  • Revision exercise

  • Writing exercises

  • Chatterbox, a recurring feature in our course books encouraging conversation

  • Activity, such as a game, quiz, puzzle, etc., to conclude the class

The lesson plan is available in PDF with 27 ready to print pages and one digital access file. A part of it is on Google Apps. The answer key is also included for reference.

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