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What Are The Invisible Social Rules? Boom Cards

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Life Skills


Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

What Are The Invisible Social Rules? Boom Cards - A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

What Are The Invisible Social Rules? Boom Cards is a teaching resource equipped with 22 interactive cards based on social thinking. It is beneficial for educators working with students experiencing strong emotions or improving their social skills.

The application of these guided activities extends to various learning settings: whole classrooms, small groups, or as individual homework assignments.

  • Each card introduces different social situations and their corresponding invisible rules.
  • Students need to select the most suitable action from the provided multiple-choice options in each scenario.

This method equips students to understand distinct social cues while promoting critical thinking required to make decisions mirroring societal expectations.

Digital Access & Security

To access this digital resource, download the PDF from the product's URL link provided and click directly on the image. This will take you to an online platform for thorough utilization of these resources. Remember, continuous internet connectivity is essential while using this tool that runs on browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

Note: An adult must create an account when purchasing What Are The Invisible Social Rules? Boom Cards to ensure privacy and safety. 'Fast Pins' can provide instant educational feedback upon purchase of this resourceful asset. For those wishing for assignment options that offer insights into student progress may opt for a premium account deal.

Purpose & Usage

Suitable designed for learners between grades 2 through 6 under special resources subjects subcategory learning life skills are projected towards building their confidence in daily school time interactions. While it specifically targets public school teachers and homeschoolers assisting kids who may struggle understanding or recognizing invisible daily encountered social rules - its application remains wide. Whether used in one-on-one scenarios or shared in flip class scenarios, the intent is to enhance collective learning experiences.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded on an image.

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