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Dealing With Drama Boom Cards And Reflection Sheet

An educational teaching resource from Jennifer Moyer Taylor entitled Dealing With Drama Boom Cards And Reflection Sheet downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Dealing with Drama Boom Cards and Reflection Sheet

The Dealing with Drama Boom Cards and Reflection Sheet offers an interactive method of teaching life skills to students in grades 6 through 12. This tool guides students on how to handle the myriad scenarios and situations they might encounter in their daily lives.

Package Contents

  • A selection of 25 different scenario-based cards, which present both the situation at hand and a number of possible solutions.
  • An interactive format that encourages active student participation in problem-solving tasks.

Usage Instructions

To view these cards, click on an image within the included PDF file. This will direct you to your selected web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. Apps are available for Androids or iPads for easier access. Internet access is required regardless of device usage method.

Additional Resource Included

This package also features a Word document reflection sheet that can be uploaded as a Google Doc via Google Classroom for easy distribution among students. Upon completion by the students, this reflective tool provides educators crucial insight into not only their decision-making processes but also their comprehension of real-world social issues.

Premium Account Options
Note: Additional premium account options that allow tracking metacognition progress are available from websites mentioned within source instructions should instant feedback capabilities using "Fast Pins" prove necessary per your specific requirements. Tailored Learning Environment Provided:
Fun Classroom Activity Critical Thinking Training Suitable for Homeschooling
Possible Applications Beyond Classroom Use:

In order to maintain steady learning progress after class hours too - engaging homework assignments could just be transformed out of this resource. This facilitates students to delve deeper into each situation at their own pace while being constantly engaged.
Therefore, Dealing With Drama Boom Cards And Reflection Sheet stands as an interactive, meaningful, and flexible teaching resource that is vital for all educators striving to instill crucial life skills in our future generation.

What's Included

One PDF with the paid link embedded in the image and one PDF that is a reflection sheet for students.

Resource Tags

problem-solving social skills interactive tool scenario-based critical thinking

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