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What is it Like to Be an Archaeologist?: A Group Project

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

What is it Like to Be an Archaeologist?: A Group Project

A unique teaching resource tailored for 6th-8th grade students. This project-based activity engenders team spirit while immersing students into archaeology's intriguing world. A refreshing retreat from conventional learning methodologies and a grand champion of teamwork.

The Archaeological Expedition Role-play

In this expedition, students morph into members of an archaeological group. They unravel mysteries behind broken pieces of clay pots marked with enigmatic symbols through their investigation teams consisting of four members.

  • Problem-solving Skills: By coming together to decode these artifacts' relevance, they successfully whet their problem-solving skills while tapping into knowledge on past civilizations.
  • Vivid Experiential Learning: An excellent platform for driving home classroom lessons through first-hand experience and keeps learners intrigued throughout the process!

Hassle-Free Assessment Tools Onboard!

'What is it Like to Be an Archaeologist?' not only offers a comprehensive view on archaeology but also supports your assessment tasks via written assignments in its package! These include grading rubrics focusing both on history and ELA. This dual-focus makes the project particularly beneficial for teachers handling two subjects—history and language arts.

Worth mentioning here:The resource pays heed to Common Core Standards WHST.6-8x series.

This contribution ensures a broader understanding applied within real-world contexts other than merely studying fragmentary pottery pieces!

Possibilities beyond The Classroom

Apart from fitting comfortably within different curriculum plans like gifted classes or high school world history lessons, the project leaves long-lasting memories imprinted in each participant's mind. Encouraging students' continuous engagement, as they reminisce about the group activities after returning home. A memorable experience indeed!

What's Included?

The resource is designed to be all-inclusive with:

  • Fully detailed lesson plans
  • Student assignments
  • Rubrics

Become an Archaeologist Today!

Eager to embark on a journey uncovering ancient history? Time to kickstart 'What is it Like to Be an Archaeologist?: A Group Project' right away! Let us delve into archaeological adventures together.

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