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Winter Descriptive Writing Activities

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Grade 3, 4





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About This Product

Winter is a wonderful time to take in everything around you and do some creative writing. These 3 activities give your learners the perfect opportunity to do those things. Designed for writers in grade 3 and grade 4, these worksheets are aligned with ELA standards and provide a creative outlet for practicing writing skills. Learners will work on brainstorming topic appropriate adjectives, use several adjectives to write descriptive sentences, and use topic appropriate words to write a summary about a fictitious winter movie. Please note that worksheet 1 is available in color and black & white. The two worksheets are identical.

When you purchase this product, you will receive:

WORKSHEET 1: learners will brainstorm and write several adjectives describing 7 winter-themed nouns (available in color and B&W)

WORKSHEET 2: learners will use the completed chart from worksheet 1 to write 7 descriptive sentences

WORKSHEET 3: learners will write a summary describing a fictitious winter movie

WORKSHEET 4: learners will create a movie poster for the fictitious winter movie they summarized on worksheet 3

What's Included

4 Worksheets

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