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Women Hidden Objects Handout-FREEBIE!

Women Hidden Objects Handout-FREEBIE!
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

The Women Hidden Objects Handout


This FREEBIE! is an exciting educational resource - beautifully designed to merge entertainment with learning! It can be smoothly incorporated into existing lesson plans or used as a standalone activity.

Ideal For Multiple Uses:
  • An Ice breaker for new classes.
  • Morning work stimulator to kick start the day.
  • In various centers for group work.
  • A unique activity at parties!
Benefits of this Handout:

This game-like worksheet is not only enjoyable but it also enables students

  • To hone their hand-eye coordination skills
  • Nurture patience and perseverance in them
  • Elevate their problem-solving skills
  • (And, all of this while keeping them absolutely engaged and entertained!)
Diverse Age Range:

This 2-page PDF is suitable for children from kindergarten through Grade 3, but older students will have fun too!

BONUS: A women's history theme makes it a fantastic holiday activity too. And guess what? You don't have to worry about checking the answers- we got you covered with provided answer keys on a separate page!
Note: There are 20 other different themes available that would take your kids onto more such hide-and-seek adventures. Some even give coloring opportunities for little artists out there. Enjoyment has no end here! To Learn More About Women's History Month: Allow your students wrap up aceing their quest by using our companion Boom Deck that highlights these amazing women's contributions.

Parting Thoughts:

This Women Hidden Object Handout adds a layer of fun to teaching methods while nurturing valuable learning skills


What's Included

A Hidden Objects handout and answer key.

Resource Tags

Women's History Hidden Objects Educational Resource Hand-eye coordination Problem-solving skills

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