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Wonder - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

Wonder - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

An interactive teaching resource designed to enlighten students' personal and academic development through the power of literature. "Wonder" serves as a catalyst, providing avenues for deep exploration into powerful themes such as identity, acceptance, and resilience that echo with 5th and 6th-grade pupils.

Literature Kit

The kit is a treasure trove of various activities designed to illuminate higher-level critical thinking skills found in Bloom’s Taxonomy within students. Activities range from recreating Auggie's cafeteria experience intensifying comprehension levels to interviewing classmates for perceptions of the novel fostering application skills. Furthermore, inviting learners to design a fresh back design for the book bolsters creativity by marrying reviewed data and original teaser information.

  • Critical Thinking: Enhance analytical abilities by daring learners to provide reasons behind Auggie's evolving attitude towards school using textual references directly from the novel.
  • Character Analysis: Spark thoughtful character evaluations encouraging students to proffer explanations for varying actions taken throughout the story.

This Literature kit could be molded according to your needs whether it's classroom-wide instruction or small group discussions even individual tasks; aligning perfectly with your State Standards in Language Arts curricula concentrating on Literature ensuring optimum learning experiences for grades 5-6.
This package comes as an easy-to-distribute downloadable PDF file type adept at fitting into different learning settings – physical or virtual classrooms – subtly but effectively instilling vital reading habits among learners via relatable stories like "Wonder".

Addtional Resources Include:

  1. Crosswords puzzles aimed at reinforcing vocabulary strength.
  2. Word search puzzles engaging students while subtly strengthen their vocabulary.
  3. Comprehension quizzes arranged innovatively as fun challenges to boost student engagement, unlike conventional assessments.
  4. An answer key as a handy reference guide facilitating gradual checkpoints in assessing the progress of students throughout their literary expedition.

"Wonder - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6" offers more than just academic growth but also facilitates value-based education geared towards nurturing all-round, empathetic learners adept at tackling both real-world and scholarly demands. A journey through one boy's fight against prejudice and his subsequent triumph helps pupils realize their potential for empathy while being inspired by Auggie's courage and resilience.

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