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Word Puzzlers - Grades 6-7

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Word Puzzlers - Grades 6-7 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 6, 7



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About This Product

Word Puzzlers for Grades 6-7: A Stimulating Teaching Resource

Stimulate student interest in words and enrich their vocabulary with this collection of word puzzles, an essential addition to any middle school teacher's resource kit.

Educational and Engaging

The Word Puzzlers for Grades 6-7 combines the delight of solving puzzles with the value of vocabulary learning. Modeled as an educational exerciser, these word puzzles nourish students' language skills while keeping their minds active.

Variety in Learning Formats

  • Codes
  • Mazes
  • Riddles, rhymes & rebuses
  • Word searches
  • Matching activities & crossword puzzles

All these puzzle formats scrutinize reasoning skills and reinforce spelling proficiency.

A Beyond Downtime Activity!

Nobody ever said no to fun - especially when it stimulates the brain! The Word Puzzlers serves as action-packed alternatives to routine lesson plans. They can supplement core or extended curricular materials effortlessly giving your learning process that much-needed spice!

Fits Wide Span of Settings:
  1. Whole group activities around cooperative learning spaces,
  2. Small group tasks promoting collective problem-solving,
  3. Inidividual at-home assignments.

Hassle-free Access!

The icing on the cake? Teachers get access to 35 print-ready pages packed in one easily downloadable PDF file — perfect for busy teaching schedules! It's particularly helpful for teachers counseling Grade 6 and Grade 7 Language Arts classes specializing in Vocabulary subjects. Word Puzzler, a comprehensive yet uncomplicated teaching resource.

What's Included

1 PDF with 35 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

word puzzles vocabulary activity word search grammar language arts

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