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WORLDLE Country of the Day: An Easy Routine for World Geography

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Here's an easy way to incorporate world geography into your classroom routine!

How to Use:

Play WORLDLE with your class:

It's a game inspired by WORDLE but using images of countries instead. It's a great way to also practice, percentages, compass directions and distances, as incorrect guesses are given information about how far they are from the actual country, in what direction, and what percentage accuracy your guess had.

After you have determined the country of the day, students can spend a few minutes learning about it and recording basic facts on the handout (you can print it double-sided, so 12 countries fit on a sheet).

Students need to identify which continent the country is part of, find its current population, the capital city, countries that are neighbours, the official language or languages, and two fun facts.

This website is a great resource for learning about each country:

If you play for a whole school year, you should have time to learn about most of the countries in the world! You could also let students choose different countries from the game to research more in depth and present to one another.

Grades to Use With:

This is an easy routine to use in your grades 4-9 classrooms. It could be a morning homeroom activity as kids arrive each day or something to help the class settle after lunch. You could also use it during social studies or geography lessons as a quick break or reward.

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What's Included

A double-sided graphic organizer (PDF) to use with the WORLDLE online game.

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