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Write A Letter: Pack 2 (6-9 years)

Write A Letter: Pack 2 (6-9 years)
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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

"Write A Letter: Pack 2 (6-9 years)"

"Write A Letter: Pack 2 (6-9 years)" is an exceptional resource designed to actively engage 6 to 9-year-old learners. This pack offers two meticulously crafted workbooks, aiming at introducing children to the art of letter writing and fact-based narration. The goal is simple yet influential - inspire young minds to express themselves creatively through writing and help them practice their language arts skills.

The First Workbook

  • The first workbook titled "What Can I Tell You About My Birthday?" encourages children to depict their favourite birthday memory in constructed sentences.
  • They are then guided toward crafting a detailed personal letter addressed to a hypothetical 'pen friend', sharing those cherished moments from their birthday party.

The Second Workbook

  • The second workbook, entitled "What Can I Tell You About My Best Friend?", prompts children into thinking deeper as they describe one of their best friends - from appearance and age down to details about the friend's family and home setup.
  • After this exercise, children use provided letter prompt incomplete information sections so they can share their fun insights with 'pen friend' Carmen.

This series packs subtly intertwines facts and opinions into its interactive learning process which aims at honing young writers in any educational setting - whole group classroom instruction, small group activities or even engaging homework assignments; ensuring that even the most hesitant writer finds inspiration along these creative lanes.


This pack displays great adaptability for teachers in lesson preparation while fostering collaborative learning if carried out with adult guidance especially for younger pupils as it resonates with curriculum directives for Language Arts, specifically under the sub subject area – Writing - across grades 2-4.

To sum it up:

Delivered as a PDF file format spread over an extensive span of 25 pages, "Write A Letter: Pack 2 (6-9 years)" is not merely an informative teaching resource. It is a catalyst igniting passion for expressive narrative skills among the forthcoming generation's novelists and journalists.

What's Included

25 pages

Resource Tags

letter writing creative writing language arts storytelling narrative skills

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