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Write A Letter: Pack 4 (6-9 years)

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Title: Write A Letter: Pack 4 (6-9 years)

The Write A Letter Pack 4 is tailor-made for children aged between 6 and 9. As an extraordinary educational resource designed by seasoned educators, its prime goal is to boost children's writing skills while helping them express their thoughts through the medium of letter-writing.

This comprehensive package offers two interactive workbooks.

  1. The first workbook, 'What Can I Tell You About My Favourite Things?', stimulates the child's mind to delve into their interests. It invites kids to script facts and opinions about toys they love, the food they enjoy, objects they collect and the locations they prefer visiting. Learners will also engage in sentence completion exercises regarding captivating visits before penning a descriptive letter about a favorite visit to their imaginary pen friend Carmen.
  2. 'What Can I Tell You About My Holiday?' gently nudges learners towards sharing tales from their vacation time. The exercise begins with sentence completion tasks recounting holiday experiences followed by reading through a chapter describing a holiday in Southern France. Akin to role reversal activity, further in this workbook children write down the same letter using figures from their own memory bank.

These activities are embedded with plentiful prompts assisting young minds struggling or hesitant writers into drafting cogent letters enriched with facts as well as personal views. These packs play an invaluable role in paving way for budding writers while effectively saving valuable lesson prepping time for facilitators.

  • Suitable primarily for pupils studying within grades 2 through 4 studying Language Arts especially Writing; however not limited just there - it can seamlessly find implementation across various platforms - be it group discussions or focused one-on-one lessons or even as homework assignments enriching learning beyond classroom confines.
  • The Platinum pack format allows printing at your own convenience making it adaptable enough whether you represent public education system or engaged in homeschooling methods of teaching learning process.

So if you're looking forward to liberating the letters hidden within endearing experiences and playful imaginations, Write A Letter Pack 4 remains an indispensable tool in your educational toolkit.

This pack consists of a total of 33-pages bundled together detailing timesaving but enjoyable learning.

What's Included

33 pages

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