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You Graduated From High School-Now What? SEL Boom Cards

You Graduated From High School-Now What? SEL Boom Cards
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Life Skills


Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Product Overview: You Graduated From High School - Now What? SEL Boom Cards

This engaging tool has been designed as a teaching resource to assist students navigating the crucial decisions that follow their high school graduation. Suited for grade 7 through 12, it accommodates a range of learning styles and abilities. The tool innovatively incorporates the choose-your-own-adventure concept, promoting independent thought by presenting multiple life pathways.

Resource Description

Embedded in this product is a deck of 41 vibrantly colored cards, each reflecting potential scenarios a recent graduate may encounter. Education-related choices that students must make include whether to:

  • Proceed to college immediately or opt for a gap year,
  • Pursue employment,
  • Acknowledge the value and implications of education,
  • Navigate student loan debt management effectively,
  • Skillfully assert themselves when necessary, and
i> Outcomes rely heavily on these pivotal decisions. Eventually, two paths lead successfully towards 'launching,', symbolizing the commencement of adult life.

The Interactive Aspect & Compatibility

The interactive portion includes animated GIFS scattered throughout creating an energetic and colorful experience for increased learner engagement.
The Boom Cards—interactive lessons are easy-to-use for both tutors and scholars alike; accessible via modern browsers (Chrome Safari Firefox Edge) compatible with Androids iPads iPhones Kindle Fires via apps; requiring an internet connection.

Educational Advantages: Facilitating Learning Habits & Progress Monitoring
For educators desirous of providing immediate feedback prompting self-grading assignments enabling effortless tracking on student progress during assignment sessions, the 'Fast Pins' feature is available. This feature fosters positive learning habits among pupils and proves to be particularly useful for homework assignments, or small group exercises effectively bridging gaps between life in class and outside school boundaries.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image.

Resource Tags

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