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100th Day of School Math Center - Fill the Ten Frames

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Students can celebrate the 100th day of school with this Fill the Ten Frames worksheet. This worksheet makes a great 100th day station or activity for students to have fun counting to 100 by 10. This activity will keep students engaged as they count to 100.

What is Included:

This product contains one worksheet for counting to 100 using tens frames.

How to Use:

Students will place objects, stickers or color in the tens frames to reach 100. Students may use the same thing on all the tens frames or use different objects for each set of ten. Things that can be used are:

  • * stickers

  • * mini erasers

  • * sequins

  • * small googly eyes

  • * dot with cotton swab.

  • * color in with marker or crayons

  • * colored glue dots

  • * centimeter cubes

When to Use

  • * 100th day center or station

  • * independent activity

  • * morning work

  • * take home project for the 100th day for students to fill in at home and being back to share with the class

  • * emergency sub plans

Skills Assessed

  • * Counting to 100

  • * Counting by 10s

  • * Fine motor skills when placing objects

  • * One to one correspondence - placing only 1 object in each square

This counting to 100 page is no prep. The teacher just needs to print the page and hand it to students. If done in the classroom, the teacher will need to provide the items that students will need to place inside each square. If done as stations, the teacher may want to laminate each page for durability so students can reuse the pages for extra practice with counting to 100. If using stickers or if gluing objects to the page, laminating would not be desired.

What's Included

This product contains a PDF with 1 usable page.

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