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100th Day of School Game - Roll to 100

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Students can celebrate the 100th Day of School by playing this roll to 100 game. Students will have fun and stay engaged while playing this single player or two player game.

How to Play:

  • * Single Player Game -- Students will use 1 die to roll. They will color in the number of spaces they rolled and keep going until they reach 100. They will have an opportunity to predict how many rolls it will take and then record the actual number of rolls they made. Students may need different colored crayons or markers to make it easier to count the number of rolls.

  • * Two Player Game - Students can race to see who reaches 100 first by rolling their die and coloring in the appropriate spaces. Students may also take turns rolling on one game board, each coloring their rolls a different color, seeing who covered the most spaces.

When to Use:

  • * Independent Game

  • * Partner Activity

  • * Math Center

  • * Morning Work

  • * 100th Day Celebration station or activity

Skills Assessed:

  • * Counting to 100

  • * Recognizing the number rolled on a die

  • * Making predictions

  • * Testing predictions

This 100th day roll to 100 game is a now prep activity. Teachers simply need to print the pages and give it to students. Students simply need to be provided a die and something to color with. To make this a reusable activity, the teacher may want to laminate the game mats and give students dry erase markers to record their rolls.

An extension activity would be for the teacher assist students in graphing the number of rolls it took for each of the students to reach 100. It can be discussed who had the most rolls, who had the least rolls, and what was the most common number of rolls needed.

What's Included

This product contains a PDF with 1 usable game board.

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