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100th Day of School Worksheet: Adding to 100

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Students will have a lot of fun celebrating the 100th Day of School with this engaging add to 100 game.

How to Play

Students will begin by rolling 2 dice and recording the numbers on their addition page in the first math problem area. They, then, will add them together. From there they will roll 1 die to get the new number they are adding. They will repeat this process until they reach 100. Alternatively, students can start at the number zero and simply roll one die for each turn. This game can also be a partner activity where 2 students race to get to 100 first. If time is limited, students can see who can get the closest to 100 to see who wins.

What is Included

In this packet, there is 1 addition game template page that is needed to complete the addition game.

When to Use:

  • * Math Center

  • * Individual Game

  • * Partner Game

  • * 100th Day Celebration Game

  • * Sub Plans

  • * Morning Work

  • * Early Finisher Activity

Skills Assessed:

  • * Addition to 100

  • * Adding single digit numbers to two digit numbers

  • * Recognizing the number rolled on a die

  • * Ability to take turns (when playing as a partner game),

The addition game template page is no prep. The teacher simply needs to print it out and had it to students to complete. Students will need 1 or 2 dice and a writing utensil to complete the game. When using as a rotation or station activity, the teacher may choose to laminate the addition template page and place dry erase markers in the station for student to record their answers. This way the center becomes reusable and less paper is needed by the teacher.

What's Included

This product contains a PDF with 1 usable page.

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