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100th Day of School Celebration Activities | 100 Days of School | 100 Days Celebration

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

It’s time to celebrate the 100th day of school! We are 100 days smarter, wiser and so much kinder! This is such a fun day to celebrate all that school has to offer: our friends, our teachers, our support staff, and all the fun things we do and learn in class. This day is all about loving and appreciating school!

Be sure to check out my store for resources focused on social emotional learning and mindfulness for little ones!

These resources are great for classroom teachers, school counselors, speech and language pathologists, special education teachers, and anyone who wants to teach their child/student/patient how to understand emotions. Perfect for displays, direct lessons, or distance learning.

I would LOVE to see how you use this in your classroom. Make sure to tag @socializing.with.sprouts if you post any pictures on Insta!




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What's Included

Download Includes:

- 3 Crown Designs “100 Days (smarter, wiser, kinder)”

- 100 Days of School Writing Activity (students are to fill in or draw pictures in the boxes for a kind thing I did, a book I read, something I am grateful for, something new I learned, something I am proud of)

- 100 Days of School Bingo Game

- 100 letters of Appreciation/Envelope Writing Activity (Tell your students we want to send 100 letters to different people we appreciate that make school fun! Each student is asked to write or draw a letter to a special person)

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