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28 Calm Down Strategy SEL Cards-Editable!

An educational teaching resource from Jennifer Moyer Taylor entitled 28 Calm Down Strategy SEL Cards-Editable! downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

In this resource, you will get 28 calm down strategy cards and 8 blank ones that are fully editable. This is a Google Slides presentation that you can download in PDF form if you wish. This is a great resource for a calm down corner in your classroom, in a counseling office, reset area, or to send home to parents who are working with their child on self-regulation. You simply print off on cardstock, laminate for durability and then cut them out. You can hole punch each card and use a binder ring to hold them all together. Some of the calm down strategies are; smell something nice, stretch, do a plank, jump on a trampoline (mini if it is in the classroom), talk to an adult, squeeze something (pillow or stuffy), draw, read, go outside, carry something heavy, do 3 belly breaths, squeeze a stress ball, use weighted blanket, use a pop it, play with play dough, listen to music, listen to nature sounds, close eyes and breath, count backward from 10, wall push ups, floor push ups, look forward to something positive, blow bubbles, do a job, eat a snack, do a job, and there are ones you can edit and put in your own calm down ideas that work for you in your classroom or counseling office. To access the Google Slides, download the pdf and click on the image on the PDF. You will be prompted to "make a copy?" Click "yes" and you will have access to your own copy of this resource. You may also like: (Breathing cards for your calm down corner) (FREE Take a break posters) (Free wheel visuals of feelings, strategies and student success behaviors) (FREE multicultural feelings poster for your classroom or counseling office) (Lego like feeling poster and activity)

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