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Calm Down Corner or Take A Break SEL Visuals For Students

An educational teaching resource from Jennifer Moyer Taylor entitled Calm Down Corner or Take A Break SEL Visuals For Students downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Calm Down Corner or Take a Break SEL Visuals For Students

Introducing the innovation within the social and emotional learning landscape with the Calm Down Corner or Take a Break SEL Visuals for Students. This educational resource strikes a perfect balance between emotional regulation strategizing and captivating, easily relatable visuals. Considerably beneficial to be integrated into any calm down corner, take a break area, or rest station in your classroom.

The package comprises an editable PowerPoint presentation showcasing 12 soothing strategies. Explore it in flipbook style where every page is trove to an individual technique such as:

  • Belly breathing exercises
  • Counting exercises up to 10 for self-soothing
  • Taking break by immersing themselves into drawing activities, writing tasks or quiet reading sessions that help them shift focus towards less tense practices.

To give it an exciting spin we have options like three see hear feel activities as laying hands-on tangible objects adds to comprehension while sealing these techniques permanently into young learners' memories.

Uniqueness and Accessibility:

The distinctive trait of this resource is its malleability- Educators can tailor flipbook's visual appeal considering their unique style preference suiting students' interests via PowerPoint application.. With added convenience, you get the freedom to edit preexisting content plus infuse more strategies that resonate with your teaching setting.
The picturization choice has been meticulously arranged keeping respect for diversity paramount; multi-cultural graphics make certain every student feels part of conversation using this tool.
Loading instructions:
Easy-to-follow guide on how best you put together this book presses upon its effortless insertion within daily lesson routine sidestepping any potential disruption.

This bundle known for its adaptability, serves as an activity and a technique-oriented resource that can conveniently be applied in various setups such as:

  • Whole class discussions instigating multiple calming techniques at nerve-wracking instances during school day
  • Designation of specific areas where small groups can in a more engaging manner learn these concepts
  • Reinforcing learnt techniques via homework assignments which promote their self-sufficient application at homes.

An Epic tool for transforming students' approach towards emotional stability – an essential skill growing throughout their school years and life thereafter.

What's Included

A 12 strategy calm down flip book. Directions are included.

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