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30 Days of Anti-Racist Activities for Teachers or Families

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About This Product

In this robust 17 page Google Slide deck, you will get three grade bands of 30-day activities; (K-2), (3-5), and (6-8). (The older band could be changed to 9th and 10th graders as well.) The focus is on helping families and teachers talk about race and anti-racist concepts. Often times it helps families and teachers to have something to watch, read, or do in order to begin talking about race and anti-racism. These resources are a mix of vetted and researched videos (transferred into Video Link), my own created word search, maze, digital jigsaw puzzle, online exercises, equity VS equality lesson and game, and other free resources for families/teachers to enjoy. No need for any subscriptions or login information for families/teachers to have to figure out. Each grade band has a 30-day calendar slide with rich content. Following each calendar are multiple slides containing helpful discussion questions corresponding to each activity for parents to ask children as well as answer themselves. Simply click on the link and the resource will pop up. There is also a beginning slide for parent/teacher resources on talking to kids about race-for them to research before embarking on this journey. This can be sent to families any time of the year or used in the classroom all year round.

You decide if this is used in the classroom or sent home as a family resource.

What's Included

A PDF with the link to the Google Slides document. Make a copy when prompted.

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