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30 Days of Anti-Racist Activities for Teachers or Families

30 Days of Anti-Racist Activities for Teachers or Families
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About This Product

30 Days of Anti-Racist Activities for Teachers or Families

30 Days of Anti-Racist Activities for teachers or families is an extremely versatile teaching resource dedicated to tackling the critical topic of race and anti-racism with children across different age groups. This user-friendly 17-page Google Slide deck is divided into three distinct sections, each catering to specific grade bands: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. It can be tailored flexibly according to the understanding level of ninth and tenth graders.

The tool fundamentally aims at facilitating constructive conversations on race and anti-racism between families and teachers using a variety of well-researched resources. These include:

  • Videos: Links to educational videos that provide visual learning experiences.
  • Puzzles & Online Exercises: These aid active involvement in learning about racial issues.
  • An Equity vs Equality Lesson: Supplemented with an interactive game promoting deeper understanding through play.

A standout feature of this resource kit is a specially designed word search element further including a maze that cleverly integrates within the program. This helps maintain high engagement levels while delivering essential lessonseducational lessons on anti-racism.

No Login Information Needed!

Notably, no subscription or login information is required for access - making it easy for both families and teachers alike.

Included Discussion Questions With Every Activity

Every activity within this comprehensive set features insightful discussion questions correspondingly linked with each activity aimed at both parents/nurturers and their children alike.

Tailored Resources For Parent/Teacher Guidance On Approaching Conversations On Race

Additionally helpful aspect includes the starting slide dedicated to parent/teacher resources that revolve around the best ways to initiate meaningful conversations about race. This crucial preliminary step helps in enhancing the overall knowledge of adults before they embark on using these materials effectively with their children.

Dedicated 30 Day Calendar Slides With Content Rich Activities

Lastly, each section also contains a separate 30-day calendar slide jam-packed with thought-provoking content designed to stimulate engagement among students in classroom settings or home environments all year round. The format allows for activities to be used in whole group settings, divided among smaller clusters; assigned as classroom tasks or homework assignments; and even sent home as additional family resources. This product is primarily aimed at educators teaching Kindergarten through Grade 8 – including those focusing on special education lifeline skills – it's been painstakingly designed to progressively unpack the complex issue of race and promote values like equality, inclusivity, and anti-racism.

What's Included

A PDF with the link to the Google Slides document. Click on the green square image for access. Make a copy when prompted.

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