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A Level Poetry Lesson: ‘The Gun’ by Vicki Feaver

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

A Level Poetry Lesson: 'The Gun' by Vicki Feaver

This teaching resource takes students on a deep dive into the complex themes and motifs woven throughout the poem. This expansive lesson explores Feaver's innovative approach towards traditional symbols like guns, tackling topics such as emotional transformation, power dynamics, and gender norms.

Versatility and Implementation

This meticulously crafted resource demonstrates its versatility through its multiple methods of effective implementation - whether it be for classroom lessons, virtual learning sessions via Google Meet or Skype or even simple homework assignments or revision material.

Packed with Features

  • Comprehensive PowerPoint Presentation: Featuring 23 well-crafted slides, this presentation includes everything from an introductory activity to in-depth exploration tasks focused on understanding content.
  • Diverse Analysis Questions: Students will tackle questions analyzing both broad thematic aspects and detailed linguistic elements within 'The Gun.'
  • Academic Writing Tasks: These assignments encourage students to develop clear arguments grounded in textual evidence – a crucial skill across all forms of ELA study!
  • Enrichment Activities:An excellent option for those seeking an extra challenge.
  • Closing Plenary:An effective end to each session offering closure while also setting up for potential future inquiries.
    Suitable For Grades 9-12 Language Arts Students

    This unit is a perfect fit for grade 9-12 students studying Language Arts. Its focus on poetry ensures engaging explorations of challenging concepts in a structured and thought-provoking manner. A Level Poetry Lesson: 'The Gun' by Vicki Feaver is bound to generate student interest while simplifying educators' preparation process with its seamless design.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 23 ready to display slides

Resource Tags

poetry analysis symbolism power dynamics gender norms

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