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Anger Dos and Don't Worksheet

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Anger is a normal human emotion, but how we express it makes all the difference. This useful worksheet helps children process feelings of frustration in healthy ways. By identifying positive and negative behaviors, chidlren learn to manage anger and avoid escalating situations.

The resource features a simple, layout with designated sections to list “Anger Dos” and “Anger Don’ts." Under Dos, children can be prompted to write constructive, calming strategies like “take deep breaths” and “talk to a friend”. The Don’ts section is for recognizing unhealthy responses like “yelling” or “throwing things.”

Mapping out appropriate emotional responses promotes self-awareness and wise decision-making. Children feel empowered, not ashamed, of their anger and can reference the worksheet as needed when those strong feelings emerge. The open-ended components allow students to get creative and self-reflect on coping strategies tailored to their needs.

This worksheet is flexible in its design so that it easily adapts across ages and abilities. It can also be used by parents as a way to thoughtfully address a child’s emotional outbursts at home. Counselors could also utilize the worksheet for sessions focused on identification of emotions and anger management.

The interactive format makes processing strong emotions approachable. By articulating constructive and destructive behaviors in black and white terms, children gain skills to self-regulate. This anger management resource equips students with the wisdom and language needed to handle life’s frustrating moments.

Included in this resource is PDF worksheet

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