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Anger and Calming Strategies Bingo Board

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About This Product

Managing anger can be challenging for children. This bingo game provides a unique and engaging approach for teaching calming strategies to help children handle frustrating emotions. The set includes 3 different bingo boards each with 9 squares. Each square features a different calming technique like deep breathing, listening to music or going to a safe space. Children can use the blank board to fill in their own ideas or user the suggested strategies.

Playing is simple - when feelings of anger arise, children use one of the calming methods and then mark off the matching square on their board. The goal is to complete rows horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, just like regular bingo. Not only does this provide motivation to try different strategies, but also gives a sense of accomplishment.

Anger Bingo transforms a classic game into a tool for building emotional intelligence. It’s an excellent way to introduce anger management skills or reinforce concepts learned. Children feel empowered taking an active role to soothe themselves. Plus, by completing the boards, they’ll discover new coping methods tailored to their needs. This versatile resource works for individual and group settings with children of varying ages and abilities.

Included in this resource are 3 PDF bingo boards. One in color, one in black and white and one blank one for children to fill in their own preferred strategies.

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