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Calming Strategies Posters

An educational teaching resource from SEN Resource Source entitled Calming Strategies Posters downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Presenting our Calming Strategies Posters – a unique assortment of 13 vibrant and visually attractive display posters tailored to help your students handle their emotions effectively. These resources are ideal for educators striving to build a welcoming and supportive learning environment where children feel at ease expressing themselves while acquiring essential emotional regulation abilities.

With stunning illustrations by the talented Kari Bolt, a noteworthy Children's Illustrator, every poster captivates attention and enhances the bond between words and feelings for young learners. The engaging artwork is paired with simple descriptions of various calming methods that can be employed during heightened emotional moments like anger or anxiety.

Effortlessly print these posters to exhibit in your classroom or throughout school premises as soothing reminders for students who need aid in managing their emotions. They also act as fantastic discussion starters for class conversations about coping strategies, fostering open communication on mental wellness within your student community.

Rather than waiting for problems to arise, these tools teach proactive skills that prevent issues. When integrated into a comprehensive social-emotional learning plan, these posters lay the foundation for good mental health and relationship behaviors. Captivating students’ interest, the vibrant visuals make calming strategies accessible and easy to embrace.

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