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Phases of Anger Worksheet

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Recognizing anger as it builds internally is an essential skill for children’s healthy development. This interactive worksheet creatively guides students to evaluate their own escalating anger levels and identify tailored calming strategies to use at each phase.

Children first examine feeling words describing anger that progresses in intensity: annoyed, grouchy, angry and furious. They cut out each keyword and rank them on a visualized scale according to personal intensity experience. Seeing annoyance is lower than anger cements comprehension.

Next, students write personalized coping tactics to utilize when feeling the anger type words they posted on the scale. Strategies like take deep breaths, squeeze a stress ball, count backwards. Concrete tools provide stability within shifting anger states.

Chldren can reference their own anger flow chart and matched calming methods any time those feelings reemerge. Practicing these regulation skills when content preempts complete meltdowns.

Evaluating the phases of anger uniquely felt by each student and preparing tailored responses is pivotal learning. This engaging worksheet establishes that interpersonal awareness intelligently through self-reflection and interactive assemble. It equips budding emotions with control over anger, not vice versa!

The versatile nature of this worksheet means it can be adapted to various ages from child to teen.

Included in this resource is 1 PDF printable worksheet.

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