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Anger Thermometer Worksheet

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Identifying escalating levels of anger within themselves is an important skill for children’s healthy social-emotional development. This creative “anger thermometer” worksheet provides a visual scale for students to evaluate their internal frustration, paired with critical reflection questions to facilitate de-escalation at each phase.

The worksheet features a color-coded thermometer bar ranging from “I’m calm” in green up to “I’m furious!” in hot red. Five stages of anger are delineated including calm, annoyed, frustrated, angry, and furious. At each level, students first give examples of small provocations that would trigger those feelings personally. Writing specific anger sparks builds self-awareness of their own “boiling points”.

Next, children self-strategize the best ways they can healthily soothe themselves at each anger level before boiling over. Recommendations like take deep breaths, squeeze a stress ball, walk away or tell the teacher are included. Articulating go-to regulation tactics cements them as concrete tools kids can independently access.

Guiding children to accurately gauge anger cues in themselves and intervene with appropriate calming methods before losing control is essential for their development and classroom harmony. This anger thermometer worksheet establishes that routine skillfully through relatable visualization and reflective writing. It helps keep students’ inner temperature in check!

Included in this resource is 1 PDF printable worksheet

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