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Animals of Australia | Australia Unit Study | Geography Bundles

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

The Animals of Australia | Continent of Australia Unit Study | Geography Bundles

This is an engaging and informative teaching resource designed predominantly for the Grade 3 - 7 Social Studies course. This product focuses primarily on geography and provides detailed knowledge about fascinating Australian animals.

Animal Cards

The resource package comes with captivating Australian animal cards featuring twelve uniquely native species:

  • Koala

  • Kangaroo

  • Wombat

  • Dingo

  • Crocodile

  • Platypus etc.

Each card is dual-sided:

Front: Features a realistic photograph with fundamental information about that particular animal.

Back: Reveals unique and interesting facts through a mini-article format which can make geography or biology lessons more exciting for students.

Auxiliary Tools Included in the Package

  • A printable student booklet with coloring spaces and areas to jot down key information about each animal, which enhances learning in a fun manner.

  • Tiny photo cut-outs of twelve animals – A great accessory during group activities while teaching geographic locations.

  • An Animal Report template that fosters independent study and report writing to enhance critical thinking skills.
    An additional matching worksheet that fortifies comprehension through practical learning exercises, as well as separate coloring pages to promote interactive education.

All elements are digitally packaged into one zip file as ready-to-print PDFs along supportive preview images for educators' convenience before printouts. Integrating this resource into daily lessons will transform your classroom lectures into lively interactions. This tool is not only engaging for students but also imparts vital knowledge regarding living organisms in various geographical regions, such as Australia.

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