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Plants of Australia | Australia Unit Study | Geography Bundle

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

Plants of Australia | Continent of Australia Unit Study | Geography Bundle

This teaching resource introduces students to the botanical beauty and variety that graces the Australian continent. The packet contains detailed information cards on twelve different plants native to Australia:

  • bottlebrush
  • kangaroo paw
  • golden wattle
  • gum tree (eucalyptus)
  • melaleuca
  • boab tree
  • screw palm
  • mistletoe,
  • wedding bushes,
  • wollemi pine, and
  • macademia tree.
  • Note: A delightful feature is that two separate sets of these cards are provided - one using metric system measurements and another using imperial units.

    About The Cards in This Set:

    The double-sided cards feature basic information about each plant alongside a realistic photo on one side. A mini-article exploring more interesting features is printed on the other.

    Included Tools:

    Besides these informative cards, educators will find worksheets, activities, and small pictures at their disposal for varied learning engagements!

    Educational Application: This resource can be integrated into whole class discussions about Australian geography or used in smaller groups for collaborative learning sessions. Individual learners can also utilize it independently for homework assignments or supplementary study materials outside regular lessons. Suitable For: Grades 3 through 7 classrooms with a Social Studies focus or any other context where knowledge about Earth's geography is required.
    Tech Specifications: The file comes in an accessible 1 zip file which includes ready-to-print pages via PDF format and Image files.

    Finally, this bundle embodies the learning philosophy of Simply Schoolgirl - making education uncomplicated! Venture into an exciting exploration of Australian plants straight from your classrooms using this engaging learning resource.

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