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Animals that Live in the Australian Desert

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Grade 5, 6, 7





Sue Peterson
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About This Product

Animals that Live in the Australian Desert

Animals that Live in the Australian Desert is an informative and engaging educational resource that revolves around unique biodiversity residing in Australia's outback. Combining science, social studies, geography, and reading, this top-notch teaching tool provides a rich tapestry of knowledge that stimulates student exploration into global habitats.

A Resource for Grade 5 to Grade 7 Students

Specially designed for Grade 5 to Grade 7 students, this Sixth Grade Level W reader contains nine carefully crafted pages introducing the fascinating beings dwelling within Australia's deserts. It takes learners on a captivating journey of discovery featuring desert dingoes, bearded dragons, marsupial moles, and the endangered bilby among others. Each page unveils new insights into how these animals have impressively adapted to endure intense heat and manage scarce rainfall.

The book sets students up to grasp complex scientific terms with ease while developing their understanding of Earth’s intricate ecosystems.

The Unique Feature...Auxiliary Activity Pages!

Incredibly well-designed auxiliary activity pages distinguish Animals that Live in the Australian Desert and ensure reinforcement of essential literacy skills for your students. These include such skills as:

  • Fostering reading comprehension

  • Promoting utilization language

  • Honing writing capabilities thus making learning fun-filled yet effective!

This teaching resource strictly adheres to Common Core State Standards (CCSS):

  • RI.6.2 encourages students to determine central text ideas through the analysis of details

  • RI.6.7 requires students to integrate information presented visually or quantitatively besides words for sharper topic understanding

Including encapsulating worksheets alongside an Answer Key all confined within an accessible 15-page PDF document makes learning readily available wherever you go! So whether you're guiding an entire class supplemented with the visual text or holding small group sessions involving close-knit discussions—even assigning enlightening homework, Animals that Live in the Australian Desert serves as your steadfast companion weaving learning threads any way you wish. The possibilities are endless!

What is included

15 pages (Worksheets and Answer Key)

Resource Tags

Australian desert Biodiversity Adaptation Ecosystems Endangered species

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