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The Importance of Biodiversity Lesson - Google Slides and Distance Learning

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

The Importance of Biodiversity Lesson - Google Slides and Distance Learning

An all-in-one comprehensive educational package tailored for Grades 6 through 9 Science (especially Biology) students. It's a blended approach to learning, equipped with integrated videos, worksheets, key points, and an exit ticket. This resource can be incorporated in both traditional classroom and remote learning settings.

Educator's Convenience

We designed this resource to save time for educators with ease of assignment through either PowerPoint/Word or Google platforms (Slides, Docs). Hence it provides flexibility regardless of location or the device you are using. The package can be smoothly integrated into Google Classroom or used directly in physical classes.

Keep Your Students Engaged!

  • Incorporates teacher-led presentations supplemented by FOUR engrossing videos aimed at sparking the students' curiosity while reinforcing key concepts learned during the session.
  • Encompasses a detailed lesson handout for students; solutions key; a fascinating video from Bill Nye along with its corresponding worksheet; four captivating videos embedded within the presentation itself; an exit ticket featuring four pertinent questions that could serve as homework assignments or end-of-session assessments.

Diving into Biodiversity

The curriculum touches upon myriad important aspects such as:why biodiversity matters; variance across species risk categories like endangered or extinct species; significance of keystone species in maintaining ecosystem equilibrium, causes triggering extinction events whether natural phenomena or human-driven factors.

Versatility :

This module is adaptable to various instructional formats whether it's whole group instruction, small teamwork focused brainstorms or independent study aids assignments - this tool enhances comprehension towards better understanding nature's diverse biospheres whilst teaching significance of human responsibility in sustaining ecosystem health.

Bonus Included!

With your purchase, enjoy a bonus activity aimed at extending learning further, solidifying the students' grasp over the magnificence and intricacies introduced by biodiversity in our ecosystem.

What's Included

Included in the Lesson Package is:

- Office and Google versions of all resource files

- The teacher version of the presentation

- The student version of the presentation

- A Bill Nye video and worksheet (with key)

- FOUR videos embedded into the presentation

- Student lesson handout

- 4-question Exit Ticket

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