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ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT - Environmental Conservation - Homework & Google App

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About This Product

The ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT - Environmental Conservation - Homework & Google App

This resource provides educators with an enlightening teaching asset that focuses on critical environmental issues, specifically the Endangered Species Act and the importance of conserving endangered species and their habitats.

Increasing Awareness about Biodiversity

Through understanding that an endangered species signals potential disarray in its ecosystem, we foster awareness about biodiversity. It creates an understanding of how losing a single species can instigate further losses within the same ecosystem.

An Engaging Online Article

The resource utilises an online article supplemented with graphic support to ensure effective comprehending of how the US Endangered Species Act works. It offers flexible options allowing teachers to use this as part of a holistic group discussion or divide into smaller groups for more detailed discussions. It can also serve as excellent homework material, facilitating self-paced learning.

  • A 30-minute educational tool:This resource incorporates images, examples and interactive text to guide students through key aspects environmental conservation related to endangered species.
  • Interactive Participation: Contains one Google Slide Hyperdoc complete with fillable fields which ensures interactive student participation and maintains content engagement during lessons.
  • Simplified Assessment Process:An answer key is included making it convenient for teachers to verify student responses swiftly post-completion of tasks or projects using this source material.

The resource is available as a zip file containing three different PDFs intended for effective educational strategy delivery amongst Grade 7-10 students focusing primarily on Earth Sciences in tandem with essential components under core science curriculums at these levels.

Note: Flexibility remains integral within its design parameters, making it suitable for traditional schooling models or homeschooling routes which aim at fostering engagement and retention of knowledge among young learners.

What's Included

1 zip file with 3 PDFs.

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Endangered Species Environmental Conservation Biodiversity Ecosystem Disarray US Legislation

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