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Animated Song: BINGO Weather VI

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About This Product

The Animated Song: BINGO Weather VI is a sterling teaching aid for educators on the lookout for engaging and meaningful resources that can amplify lesson effectiveness. This tool seamlessly combines teaching weather terminology with fun counting exercises through an interactive 7-slide PowerPoint presentation. Specially crafted to cater to preschoolers up to second graders, it bridges art, music, and natural sciences brilliantly.

  • The educational journey it initiates is highly interactive: Each slide contains a series of animations that come alive with just a click, stimulating learning excitement in children as they read along until they stumble upon a star icon. On clicking this icon, children witness an animated illustration related to the text they were reading.
  • An important highlight of this tool lies in its particular attention towards making content accessible for those having Visual Impairments (VI), strictly following best practices recommended for such students. It employs simple high-contrast graphics which make discerning images easier even for those facing visual challenges - the incorporated animations generate necessary motion aiding focus while amusing sound effects aid understanding.
  • To further boost text readability particularly for VA students, white or yellow fonts have been utilized against darker backgrounds achieving notable increase in visibility.
  • A unique built-in feature of each slide is the 'safe zone' provided near page numbers; this inclusion proves especially valuable during 'switch training' if you have students who are dependent on switches either for controlling surroundings or communication purposes.

You're at complete liberty as an educator to exploit this resource in ways best aligning with your instructional strategy - from utilizing them during whole group lessons via interactive whiteboards or large screen televisions; implementing them during small groups session tuned into individual computer monitors; assigning as homework that's accessed via tablets/iPhones using Microsoft's PowerPoint application - versatility ensues!

We purport simplicity intertwined with involvement being key when attempting effective education. This belief comes alive via The Animated Song: BINGO Weather VI helping engage students meaningfully while bolstering their understanding of essential weather concepts - truly a melodious learning experience!

What's Included

7-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

Interactive learning Visual impairments Weather terms Counting exercises Engaging resource

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