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Animated Game: Color Match the Flowers VI

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Animated Game: Color Match the Flowers VI

An ideal educational solution for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 educators: This game is an interactive tool that enhances color practice with simplicity and fun.

Features include:

  • A total of seven comprehensive PowerPoint slides aimed to boost literacy, language, AAC functionality and achieve diverse academic objectives.
  • Incorporation of animations bringing lessons to life, thus enriching the learning experience tailored specifically for children with visual impairments (VI).
  • Presentation elements such as simplified high contrast graphics paired with sound effects reinforce learned concepts. Bright white or yellow text against a dark background ensures easy readability.

'Safe Zone' feature:

A unique feature of this product includes a 'safe zone' resource attached conveniently to page numbers. This serves as an invaluable aid during switch training sessions.

Versatility in display options:

Educators can opt how they wish to present this Animated Game– be it projected onto large screens such as interactive whiteboards or TVs via Apple TV or fit comfortably onto desktop monitors or handheld devices like iPads/Android tablets/iPhones using Microsoft's free PowerPoint app.

Multifaceted use:

This tool can be creatively utilized for small group tasks or full-class instruction. It can also serve as an excellent homework resource fostering independent student activities at home under loose parental supervision.

Add Value To Your Teaching Resources Today!

In brief, incorporating this exciting slide-show-based game will provide consistency while tackling various curriculum areas such as Art & Music through entertaining coloring exercises thereby reinforcing both classroom instruction and home-based learning experiences - all within one handy package!

What's Included

7-slide PowerPoint

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