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Anxiety Thermometer

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Monitoring anxiety is essential for emotional health. This creative worksheet helps kids visualize their stress levels using a simple yet insightful “thermometer” model illustrating low, moderate, and high amounts of worry alongside a space for children to fill in their own tailored calming strategies.

The Anxiety Thermometer features a vertical scale with increasing degrees of anxious feelings depicted in different shades of purple. Students circle where their concern currently registers. Prompts then encourage writing specific situations that spike their thermometers into each zone, like test stress or social evaluations. There’s also space to brainstorm personalized coping tactics to implement when reaching different levels of emotional arousal.

This versatile tool increases self-awareness around triggers and appropriate responses - key skills for independent regulation. Teachers can display it in classrooms and have students check-in during escalated moments. Counselors can reference it in sessions exploring anxiety. Caregivers can also employ it at home when tensions run high.

The engaging thermometer makes tracking emotional patterns feel non-threatening for young children through teens. Instead of harshly suppressed anxiety, kids gain the ability to name worries early and apply tailored calming skills. Over time, staying ahead of their anxiety prevents boiling over into crisis territory.

Simple yet tremendously insightful, this worksheet transforms emotional awareness into empowered action. By honoring all feelings with compassion, children build resilience to thrive.

Included in this resource is 1 PDF worksheet

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