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Back To School Handout-Introducing My Selfie (editable)

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Life Skills


Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Back To School Handout - Introducing My Selfie

An engaging and interactive tool specifically designed for educators to kickstart the new school year with their students. Owing to its editable format, it aligns perfectly with any classroom's specific requirements.

Mainly catering to students from Grade 2 through Grade 8, this valuable resource uses a "get to know you" approach allowing enhanced self-expression amongst learners.

Using Emojis and PowerPoint

The unique feature of this worksheet involves answering questions using emojis as a dialogue about personal preferences and emotions. It comes as a fully editable PowerPoint slide.

Editability and Customization

Educators can easily customize the handout by changing the questions based on what they wish to learn about their students thereby encouraging an inclusive learning atmosphere.

  • Favourite hobbies or subjects
  • Fun facts that help establish a more personal connection

Dual Purpose Resource on

This dual-purpose worksheet not only serves as an effective back-to-school exercise but also acts as a tool for building community within classrooms at any point during the academic year promoting open conversations between all members of the class group.

Versatile Deployment & Flexibility in Teaching Experience

The versatility of 'Introducing My Selfie' enables deployment during:
  • Whole group instruction sessions: Each student shares responses aloud leading to enhanced mutual understanding.
  • Small group activities:s Sharing sheets amongst peers paves way for learning about each other’s interests and emotions. Infusing camaraderie into classrooms is quite effortless when equipped with this resource.

Bespoke Learning Experiences & Life Skills

Facilitating bespoke learning experiences by acknowledging individual student nuances, this practice underscores the importance of Life Skills in today's dynamic educational settings. Not just another worksheet; "Back To School Handout - Introducing My Selfie (editable)" assists in smoother integrations into a new academic surrounding as an icebreaker.

What's Included

An editable handout for back to school or any other classroom community building.

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interactive self-expression emotions inclusive classroom community building

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