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Maneesha Goes Back To School Boom Cards! An SEL Choose Her Fate Deck-With Audio & Handout!

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Maneesha Goes Back to School - An Interactive Audio and Handout Learning Tool

Introducing an artfully designed educational resource, the Maneesha Goes Back to School interactive deck. This tool features 73 cards providing engaging content for students at kindergarten and early elementary levels (Grades 1 and 2). It focuses on Maneesha, a delightful young girl returning to school after her summer holidays.

The deck uses an invigorating "choose their fate" model which helps students better understand everyday scenarios by deciding what Maneesha should do next.

The distinctive characteristic of this tool is its focus on real-world situations in various settings such as home, school, and social circles. A noteworthy feature is the inclusion of 'would you rather' questions that further enhance the learning experience.

  • Audio Support: Each card provides audio support, removing any need for reading proficiency.
  • Inclusive Themes: The material revolves around life skills like conflict resolution techniques, understanding minor versus major problems etc., along with topical subjects like school safety guidelines, punctuality at school premises etc.
  • Inclusiveness: Designed multicultural friendly; learners can restart from scratch or repeat sections for reinforcement as they wish.
  • Varying Formats Suitable:: Teachers can use it individually or group classroom engagements while being equally efficient for unified class lesson plans involving many participants together.

School Reflection Handout: Post-session Recap Capabilities

An ideally matched handout helps teachers reinforce their sessions effectively even after moving away from individual learning periods/Instruction sessions.

Digital Compatibility & Security: Boom Cards!

The use of these Boom Cards does require internet access. However, the platform has been optimised to work across modern browsers like Chrome, Safari Firefox & Edge , on Android/iOS Apps & Kindle Fires ensuring seamless teaching sessions.

Important! For added security and usage oversight, adult supervision is required for setting up Boom learning accounts and assigning deck activities via Fast Pins. This provides instant self-grading opportunities with advanced tracking capabilities available through premium account facilities.

What's Included

A Boom Deck. Click on the image in the PDF plus a reflection handout.

Resource Tags

interactive learning decision-making real-world scenarios audio support inclusive education

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