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Middle School Survival Kit! An SEL Lesson With videos Handout

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Grade 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

In this product, there is a 13 PowerPoint slideshow with videos embedded in slides; 3,4,5, and 10. You can do a lot with this lesson! You can actually have students collect different items and place in a bag (such as the lifesaver, piece of gum for "stick up for friends" or cotton ball) to symbolize these tips or just show the metaphors off the slides. There is a suggested activity where students create a personalized magnet to write down their favorite tip and draw an image. (This is also editable so you can change the activity if you wish on the PPT). There is a 2 sided worksheet to keep students engaged as they write down each tip. After students fill out the tip sheet, they can circle what they would like to learn throughout the year (again this is editable!).

What's Included

A 13 lesson PPT, a 2 sided worksheet.

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