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Book into Movie Project: Comparing and Contrasting

Book into Movie Project: Comparing and Contrasting
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Many students don’t realize that some or many of the movies that they love were first books.  They are often surprised to find out that the movie came second or that there's even a book the movie is based on. 

In this 39-page project, Book into Movie Project: Comparing and Contrasting, students in 6th-9th grade will read a book, watch the movie that is based on or adapted from the book, and then write a book review in which they take a stand on which is better and why.  The guide that's included provides students with the tools they need to critically analyze the similarities and differences between the two, including helping them to support their claim with evidence and analysis. After completing this project, many students will realize that although they liked the movie, they preferred the book for a variety of reasons, including visualizing the characters and settings themselves and explaining why that made the book better. They will notice that they didn’t like how the movie adaptors changed aspects of the plots or characters, and they offer an analysis of these omissions and their impact on the storyline. They will react positively when the movie includes something they really liked or when what they visualized matches up with the adaptation.  Some will prefer the movie over the book, and they will be able to articulate why. Overall, students have told me that this is one of their favorite book projects.

This unit includes the following:

  • --A detailed lesson plan with objectives, and learning targets aligned to Common Core Standards

  • --Book Browse: Book into Movie

  • --Books that Have Been Made into Movies and Where to Watch Them

  • --Book into Movie: Overview of the Project

  • --Book into Movie Compare and Contrast Reading and Viewing Guide

  • --Book into Movie Essay Directions

  • --Helpful Hints for Writing

  • --Samples of introductions, topic sentences, conclusion

  • --Book into Movie Writing Template for those who need it (RSP, ELL, and struggling writers)

  • --Book into Movie Sample Essay, student copy, and teacher copy

  • --Book into Movie Rubric

  • --Book into Movie Grading Sheet

What's Included

39-page Microsoft document

Resource Tags

English Language Arts Writing-EssaysCritical Thinkingbook reviewliterary analysisargumentativepersuasivecompare and contrast

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