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Character Analysis Essay, Gift for a Character Book Report, and Oral Presentation

An educational teaching resource from Intentional Teaching and Learning entitled Character Analysis Essay, Gift for a Character Book Report, and Oral Presentation downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Character Analysis Essay, Gift for a Character Book Report, & Oral Presentation

A comprehensive and multi-dimensional unit designed to cater to the curricular needs of grade 6-9 learners. This instructional resource focuses on literary analysis and fosters creative expression, diving deep into novel character development.

An Integrated Approach

  • Literary Analysis: Students delve into their chosen character’s traits and struggles, appreciating delicate story crafting through their transformations.
  • Creative Exploration: Pupils take part in an oral presentation assignment where they embodiment their characters by conceptualising three unique gifts suited for them.

The teaching guide includes mini-lessons complete with important points and examples, a model essay thoroughly composed for this project's purpose, and supportive handouts that aid students' successive writing assignments.

Evaluation Tools

Pedagogues can assess student output via provided scoring rubrics catering to both the essay section as well as oral presentation segments.

Pedagogical Approach

  1. An initial focus on character understanding
  2. The development of potent thesis statements
  3. Drafting engaging hooks paired with concise summaries
  4. Honing synthesis skills relating to body paragraphs inclusive of quote incorporation
  5. Culminating in weaving effective conclusions.
Auxiliary Material Includes:
  • In-depth outlining directions forms for essays & outlines for forming original verbal presentations
  • /
  • Nurturing reading habits via book browsing tasks / Marbe APPEDSatform
  • Comprehensive peer response facilitation, enhancing critique reception in scholars

Reflective Growth

This unit incorporates reflective materials promoting introspective growth among benefactors, positioning them as evaluators of not only the work of others but their own too.

The Microsoft Word unit can be melded into existing Language Arts curricula focusing on Literature Reading & Writing. Educators can adapt it for group discussions or divide it for individual tasks.

In Summary

Lasting value as a comprehensive teaching resource that productively engages middle schoolers with character analysis in literature. Particularly curated to fit into classroom dynamics and stimulate literature appreciation.

What's Included

1 Word document with 53 pages

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