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Cafe Door Set: 'Cact'us Learning a Latte

An educational teaching resource from The Simplistic Teacher entitled Cafe Door Set: 'Cact'us Learning a Latte downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Cafe Door Set: 'Cact'us Learning a Latte

The Cafe Door Set: 'Cact'us Learning a Latte, an innovative, adaptable and engaging teaching aid is designed to transform classroom doors into vibrant learning spaces. This versatile resource proves valuable for public school teachers or homeschoolers teaching diverse age groups.

Cafe Decor & Versatility

This special door decor set combines the cuteness of cacti with a charming coffee cafe theme. It allows for a high level of personalization thanks to its editable features; you can display everything from the topic currently being studied inside the classroom to future plans directly on your door space. This helps foster in students a sense of belonging while intrinsically encouraging their motivation to learn.

What's Included?

  • Editaable letters in both black and white - colored options included as well
  • Cacti scallops for cafe awning along with all other related images in varied color options
  • Editable PowerPoint files to customize as per need.

Flexibility & Add-ons

In addition to its core components, this set also allows for creative additions such as announcing upcoming events or assigning motivational quotes on coffee cups or mugs hinting at an element within its design structure. You can also use it to communicate critical information such as state standards, past units mastered by students or new study plans – effectively showcasing the concept of 'learning a latte'!

Note:This resource is not limited exclusively for doors; extend your creativity by placing them on bulletin boards or hallway displays using suitable PDF and PNG formatted resources provided within the package. Maintains practicality with durability through academic year needing minimal colored ink usage. Added shelves made from thin strips of poster board can serve as chart display holders.

This original tool infuses lightheartedness and electricity into any teaching environment. It's like capturing the exhilarating energy typically associated with back-to-school season – a feeling eagerly anticipated by students year after year. The Cafe Door Set: 'Cact'us Learning a Latte truly exemplifies high-quality, resourceful classroom decor.

What's Included

+ letters in black and white (colored option included too) Totally choose your own colors to match your decor

+ cacti scallops for cafe awning (comes in color) I simply alternated mine with black and white stripes

+ all cafe/awning/coffee images (comes with color option, but black-line format included so you can color coordinate to your classroom)

+ letters are saved in PDF and PNG format to make easier to use with a cutting machine

+ can be used as a bulletin board or hallway display as well

+ editable PPT. of cafe elements so you can add text to

What can I add on the coffee cups, mugs, etc…? You can add:

1. Your state/school standards

2. Classroom expectations

3. Motivational sayings

4. Students' names

5. Upcoming events you plan to do with students

6. novel/study units

7. Past units your students have mastered

8. Anything that lets others know what your students are/will be learning or that they're learning a latte!

Check the PDF to find everything you need. The PNG file contains the letters to use with a cutting machine

**I simply used white/color copy paper to complete this door. The background is vertical shiplap paper. A template is included so you can see how thick I made my shelves, which are simply cut strips from super thin poster board, run vertical and horizontal. You do not need to use a ton of colored ink. The cacti scallops do come in color, but all the other elements can be printed onto copy paper or card stock of your choice**

If you're familiar with my other products, please note: These resources are larger in scale and therefore do not include the poster option

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