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Calming Strategy Cards For Calm Down Kits | Calming Corner Resources

An educational teaching resource from Counseling Chaos entitled Calming Strategy Cards For Calm Down Kits | Calming Corner Resources downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Calming Strategy Cards For Calm Down Kits | Calming Corner Resources

These are powerful tools for educators seeking to instil self-regulation strategies and mindfulness courses into their teaching. Its versatility across different school stages makes it a unique asset.

Preparation and Content:

Teachers busy with schedules would find this no-prep tool beneficial as all they need is to print, cut, and optionally laminate for longer use. The set includes 108 unique calming strategy cards falling under four main categories:

  • Processing skills: These cards guide students in reflecting on emotions.
  • Calming skills: Cards containing techniques like deep breathing or visualization.
  • Distracting skills: Helps redirect focus during stressful situations.
  • Physical exercise cards: Techniques that help relieve muscle tension or stress.
Possible Implementation Methods in Classroom:

This toolbox can be incorporated into teaching elements based on classroom needs including;

  1. Incorporation into lessons focusing specifically on coping mechanisms.
  2. Inclusion in daily lessons as constant reminders of personal emotional regulation methods.
Such flashcards can also be collected in a 'calm down kit', alongside other soothing items such as sensory toys or comforting blankets, at a designated 'calming corner' in the classroom.

Beyond the Classroom Use:

Homeschoolers too will find these strategy cards useful since they can also serve after-school reinforcement material when sent home with students.This continuity ensures emotional learning doesn't halt outside school premises while parents also get informed about strategies being taught at school. Despite the simplicity involved during card preparation and usage, these are instrumental tools for building emotionally resilient learners making them a solid choice for teaching Life Skills or Social Emotional Learning.

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