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80 Calm Down Strategies Cards for Kids

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About This Product

This product includes 80 different activities to help your children develop valuable self-regulation skills, stress reduction techniques, anger management abilities, and calming strategies! These cards are fun way help children develop calm and safe ways to de-escalate frustrating or emotionally challenging situations.

This Resource is Great for:

⭐ Calming Corners

⭐ Mindful Moments

⭐ Brain Breaks

⭐ Circle Time Activities

⭐ Sensory & Movement Breaks

⭐ Calming Strategies or De-Escalation Plans

⭐ Transitions

⭐ Morning Group Time

⭐ Rainy Day Activities

⭐ Calm-Down Time

Emotional & Mental Benefits:

❤️ Helps Steady Emotions, Reduce Anxiety & Stress

❤️ Teaches Self-Regulation & Calming Techniques

❤️ Helps with Self-Discipline & Reduces Impulsivity

❤️ Aides in Developing Emotional Regulation Skills

❤️ Teaches Children to get Better in Touch with their Thoughts & Feelings

❤️ Helps Children Manage their Anxiety

❤️ Enhances the Ability to Listen & Communicate Efficiently

❤️ Improves Attention Spans & Helps Children Learn to Focus

❤️ Teaches Children to be Present in the Moment and on their Current Tasks

❤️ Helps Children Learn Healthy Ways to Manage Anger & Frustration

❤️ Teaches Children to take a Step Back before Reacting

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What's Included

What’s Included: ✨ 80 Different Self-Regulation Cards ✨

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