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Career Research Mini Unit

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Career Research Mini Unit: An Invaluable Educational Resource

The Career Research Mini Unit serves as a key tool for educators guiding students through career exploration and goal-setting exercises. Originating within a real-life context, this resource boasts an innate suitability for homeschoolers and secondary-level teachers, from grades 7 to 12.

Digital Teaching with Strategic Focus

This digital teaching tool zeroes in on cultivating professionalism, developing skillsets, and fostering the acknowledgement of alternate pathways to career success beyond post-secondary education. It engages students in an exciting journey exploring practical learning about prospective vocational routes.

Educational Compatibility & Flexibility

  • The mini unit comprises editable presentations compatible with both Microsoft and Google platforms,
  • It readily permits educators to tailor material based on unique classroom dynamics or desired learning outcomes.

In-depth Lesson Plans & Interactive Elements

Inclusive within this package are comprehensive lesson plans that provide intricate step-by-step guidance spread over five instructional days. It incorporates an interactive research work packet whereby students delve into potential careers aligning with their interests or strengths. Clear project directions foster student comprehension whilst honing independent study skills necessary within real-life contexts.

An Integrated Performance Assessment Rubric

This module comes complete with its own performance assessment rubric - designed specifically measure student progress effectively throughout the duration of this unit path.

Note: This essential teaching tool aligns consistently with CCSS (Common Core State Standards), ensuring academic benchmarks across pertinent life study subjects such as career exploration are satisfactorily met.

Last but not least, its PDF file format proposes equal usability whether implemented in full-scale classroom instructions, smaller tutoring sessions or delegated as individual homework for stimulating personal research regarding future career explorations.

What's Included

- Detailed lesson plans

- Guided research work packet

- Research project directions

- Rubric

- CCSS alignment

Resource Tags

career exploration goal-setting vocational options independent study skills professional development

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