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Chameleon or Giraffe? Blending In Versus Sticking Out Social Skills Lesson

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About This Product

In this PowerPoint and student handout, students will learn when to blend in like a chameleon (joining groups, classroom behavior), and when to stand out like a giraffe (being an upstander, showing off a talent). The PowerPoint contains embedded videos on page 2 and page 3 to reinforce the message. On the last slide, students will answer if the picture represents a time to blend in or stick out. The students can participate and sort different scenarios into blending in or standing out. To help solidify the knowledge after the activity and PowerPoint, students can draw a picture of them standing out or blending in.

What's Included

A 6 Slide PowerPoint, a student handout, and a document of scenarios for the sorting activity.

Resource Tags

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