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Sticking Up For Me, Social Skills Story and Activities, Featuring Girls, K-2nd Grade

Sticking Up For Me, Social Skills Story and Activities, Featuring Girls, K-2nd Grade
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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Product Description for "Sticking Up For Me, Social Skills Story and Activities, Featuring Girls, K-2nd Grade"

Aimed at supporting girls in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade who may lack self-confidence or struggle with expressing their needs, this package includes a heartwarming illustrated story about standing up for oneself. The narrative cleverly incorporates life skills teaching moments into the plot to make them accessible and engaging.

"Sticking Up For Me" combines a Social Skills Story with related Skill Builder Activities that enhance comprehension and application of the story's morals. It serves as an effective tool for encouraging discussions about personal rights and how one can protect those rights confidently.

  • Narrative Approach: Children effortlessly absorb the traits exhibited by characters in stories; they learn both what to do and what not to do during social interactions based on these observations. This resource unit uses this pedagogical approach very effectively.
  • Skill Builder Activities: Adding an extra layer of interactive engagement are the additional materials included in this comprehensive pack. The Skill Builder Activities consist of scenario cards - tangible tools that provoke thought about how one would respond if found in specific situations depicted therein.
  • Animate PowerPoint Story: Perhaps most exciting is the Animated PowerPoint Story option which brings dynamism into play allowing children to see actions enacting out accompanied by self-correcting interactive skill builder activities suited for remote learning circumstances as well.

The color story is visually appealing and perfect for classroom sharing sessions while its black-and-white counterpart doubles as a coloring book - adding an aspect of hands-on creativity whilst promoting memorability of its teachings. A minimized version comes included too – perfect for small hands or keeping conveniently close-by thereby enabling easy review per convenience wherever you go!

This diverse product caters easily to various modes of teaching: whole group instruction; attention-intensive small groups coaching sessions or even homework tasks!

Package is provided as downloadable PDF files that cater to a broad range of learning requirements, hence demonstrating its valuable role as an adaptable teaching resource. Aligned with Life Skills subjects, this social skill story and activities resource is perfect for educators who understand the intricate links between personal advocacy, emotional growth, and academic progress.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 47 Pages

Social Skills Story: Color Story, Great For The Classroom

Skill Builder Activity 1: Scenario Cards

Skill Builder Activity 2: Self Advocacy Check

Coloring Book Companion: Black And White Story, Great For Students To Color Along While Reading And To Send Home For Generalization

Mini Book: A 1/4 size version of the story {in color}. Great for little hands and for the convenience of carrying along with you on the go!

Animated PowerPoint Story: An Animated PowerPoint version of the story that is fun and has self correcting interactive skill builder activities. Awesome for Distance Learning!

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