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Climate Change - Middle School Earth Science Lesson

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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Bring the critical topic of climate change to life for your middle schoolers with this dynamic, 2-day lesson package. Through an interactive slideshow, short videos, discussions, and an exit ticket, students will be immersed in the science behind Earth's changing climate.

The presentation covers key concepts like the greenhouse effect, human impacts, and how Earth's systems interact to regulate climate. Animations and images provide memorable visuals to aid understanding of convection currents, the carbon cycle, and more. Students will come away with foundational knowledge on this complex issue.

9 embedded videos add a multimedia element to expand on topics like how fossil fuel emissions trap heat, glacial meltoff, and shifting animal habitats.

Discussion questions encourage students to analyze impacts across ecosystems using an Earth systems thinking lens.

This teacher-created lesson integrates seamlessly into Google Classroom with editable Google Slides included. Whether remote or in-person, the blend of formats ensures easy assignment. An engaging handout summarizes the main ideas for student reference.

Learning about climate change has never been more important. This lesson empowers students with scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills to evaluate complex causes and cascading effects across Earth systems. Understanding human impacts provides a foundation for informed action and future solutions.

With comprehensible content tailored for middle schoolers, this climate change lesson turns a polarizing issue into an opportunity for inquiry. Students will gain memorable takeaways and discuss their own questions. Foster climate literacy in your classroom with this multimedia resource!

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