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Clip Cards For Hallway Behaviors-- Behavior in the Hallway Activity

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Clip Cards For Hallway Behaviors-- Behavior in the Hallway Activity

Educators, teachers, and homeschoolers interested in finding a solidad resource for reinforcing hallway etiquette should consider adding the Clip Cards for Hallway Behaviors to their instruction arsenal. This hands-on instructional material aims to assist preschool through first-grade students grasp and exhibit appropriate behavior while traversing school hallways.

Navigating hallway discipline can be a difficult task especially for youngsters who are getting accustomed to school rules or children who may be non-verbal. This utility is an efficient learning facilitator that offers an alluring way to impart norms whilst gauging student understanding. It gives learners a chance not only learn but also demonstrate their comprehension of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors across school corridors.

The pack comprises 15 distinct clip cards that represent both positive and negative kinds of corridor behaviors. Included is:

  • A colorful version suited for situations that involve group instructions such as during whole class or small groups where visual color impact can amplify comprehension;
  • A black-and-white edition meant for one-to-one scenarios like homework exercises or individual review sessions.

The sheer ease with which these resources can be prepared makes them even more invaluable – just print, cut - laminate if intended for lasting use - and add each card on strings if so desired.


This Behaviour in the Hallway Activity set's apt depiction of various conduct relevant within its targeted context simplifies practical social-emotional intelligence teaching than ever before. Home-based learners seeking adaptable resources would similarly benefit from this tool designed with achieving social emotional education objectives among early grades easily and effectively.

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